Volume 2 is Published!!

by lisa on June 25, 2012

I’m really enjoying the Amazon Kindle Publishing experience – “Volume 2: Breakfasts and Brunches” is now available at the introductory price of only $0.99.

It won’t be available at that price for long, so please click on the link at the right if you want to keep your Done Dieting! series current.

For your reference it might be useful to read furtehr about paleo here.

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Thanks For The Positive Feedback!

by lisa on June 25, 2012

Some early adopters have already found Volume 1 on the Amazon Kindle site and have been kind enough to leave some very positive feedback:

“This book has some excellent recipes for those watching their weight. The recipes are mainly low carb and I have found that an excellent way to deal with losing weight. Counting calories doesn’t work and trying to change your complete lifestyle is usually not successful in the long term. However, changing small things makes a big difference over time and that’s what this book offers information on. I recommend this book.”
Marg Ruttan
International Best Selling Cookbook Author

“As someone who has struggled with a weight issue for much of my adult life, I can relate so much to this book and the whole approach of stopping the nonsense of yo-yo dieting. I had found myself in this pattern way too many times and was very fed up with trying the latest and greatest diet program only to end up right back where I was prior to starting the diet.
The author does a great job of explaining how she came to give up diet plans and settle into a method that worked for her and will work for anyone.
I love the recipe sections that were included in the book and am quite excited to see the other volumes that are soon to be published regarding additional recipes and healthy shopping.
I think this book is written from a very realistic perspective and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight for the long term.Discover more about South London Personal Training at www.ironmonkeyfitness.co.uk

Kaye T

“What I love about this book is the statement towards the beginning that this is a Stress-Free Zone. That set the tone for the whole book. I really loved the details about how to lose weight by eating the right way. Lisa Daniels’ book is a holistic view of why dieting doesn’t work, and how choosing a healthy lifestyle does.
The recipes in the book are clearly written and easy to follow. They all contain ingredients that are easily found and that I actually wanted to eat! This book is not about depriving yourself, but about eating good food that also tastes good!
I highly recommend Done Dieting!”

Mindy Lee


Volume 2 will be available this week, so stay tuned!




Volume 1 is Published!!!!

June 14, 2012

Please forgive the extra exclamation marks in the title, but this is a very exciting time for me – Volume 1 of what I hope will be a whole series of Done Dieting! books has just been published on Amazon Kindle Select (check out the link on the right). Volume 2 will be published around [...]

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